Weekend in Oregon

I spent last weekend on location in Oregon.

My family has a vineyard in Dayton and they asked me to come and help them

create a brand identity for them. I thought I would have more time to visit

the wineries around town, but I spent lots of time working with the family.

I loved seeing the beautiful autumn colors everywhere! The vineyards have harvested most of

their grapes, and now it’s time for Mother Nature to take her course, and the hills of vineyards

are covered in the most amazing oranges and yellows. It really does take your breath away!

(well, at least mine, being from SoCal and all)


Road to the Vineyard


View of Vineyard

my parents giggling their way through portraits for their Christmas cards


My mom and dad overlooking the vineyard


my dad gets up before the crack of dawn to get to work (he works a 9-5 job, except it’s from 4am-12pm instead)

and he snapped this shot at sunrise, that’s Oregon’s famous Mt. Hood to the right of the sun,

an awesome place to go snowboarding!



Oregon Sunrise


Fallen leaves




so many wild mushrooms grow in the vineyard!


white mushroom


colorful leaves


there will be more available in my other blog, The Art of Life Gallery




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One thought on “Weekend in Oregon

  1. barbara says:

    These mushroom photos are perfect.


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