A note to my clients

Just a little note to my wonderful, faithful and patient clients.

My world came crashing down last week, literally, when my computer’s hard drive crashed. As the guy at the repair shop put it, “It’s toast”.

Have no fear, all of my client’s pictures have been backed up, in fact multiple times and in different places and formats, for this very reason. But still, my whole world stopped for a few days.


But alas, here I am, with a new hard drive trying to get back into the swing of things, but every corner I turn, I hit a little wall. I look for a program I used a lot, but oh, it’s not there. Or, I look for a specific address, phone number, email, and again, oh, it’s not there. I say it’s a little wall, because it slows me down for a second, but I find another way to make it work and away I go, back to work.


I am telling you all this because I’m feverishly catching up to where I should have been a week ago, and I have not forgotten about anyone’s orders, holiday cards, or web galleries. I promise!

The only thing I ask of you, is to have patience with me as I work this out! Oh, and I might be contacting you in one way or another to get your information again. If you would like, you are welcome to send it to me so I can start my client files again. And this time, I’m writing them down on paper with a permanent pen, and storing them in a locked, fire proof cabinet so they are not going anywhere!


Alrighty,  back to work I go, and most of all






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