Bridal and Wedding Portraits

As I was preparing a slideshow to meet with a prospective bride, I came across
some Bridal portraits and some wedding portraits that I never posted!
The 2008 wedding season is approaching, and with most brides booking their photographers
early in the year, I thought it would be nice to take a glimpse at some of my wedding portraits.
Emily laying
Emily sepia
Rochelle by window
California St.
Moni & Umbi under tree
Umbi Moni
Moni Umbi by wall
Please contact me if you are interested in my Wedding Photography Services.
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2 thoughts on “Bridal and Wedding Portraits

  1. emelieselin says:

    I love the portrait when the bride is sitting down and looking up a little bit.Do you know where the dress is comming from. Excuse my bad english, I’m not that good in grammar.


  2. Julia Varga says:

    Hi e
    I don’t know where she got the dress. i’m sorry.
    but it’s one of my favorite bridal portraits


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