More from Leo Carrillo Beach

This is such a great beach for a photo shoot! Leo Carrillo is not only a great surf spot,
it’s also quite the popular beach for family portraits. When we shoot during low tide, there’s lots of little
ocean critters for the kids to look at, and if they’re daring enough, even touch! We had a great time looking
at all of the starfish-did you know there are purple starfish????-pretty colored anenomes, and  little
Here are a couple of images from a shoot I had with a fellow photographer. It’s funny, we as photogs don’t have
any family portraits, because  guess what? We’re always the ones shooting! But it’s OK! That’s why we hire
fellow photogs to get it done for us!
Here is Sophia, she’s so full of energy!


and Caroline and John stealing a moment to themselves…
Caroline and John
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