Awaiting Anais-Sasha’s Maternity Portraits

I went down to San Diego county last weekend to photograph Sasha who is eagerly

awaiting her first little one. 

I am only partially through working on her images, but I wanted to share my new

all time Maternity Shoot favorite image. I even told her while we were shooting that these were going up on the blog as the new favs. 

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3 thoughts on “Awaiting Anais-Sasha’s Maternity Portraits

  1. kitchentent says:

    wonderful shot! I’m sure this will be a keepsake for Anais as well when she’s all grown up.


  2. Julia Varga says:

    thank you! i just love the colors…
    I appreciate the nice comment!


  3. Sasha & Jammal says:


    Thank you for being so warm and creative! If the other shots are anything like these, they are going to be beautiful. We can’t wait to share them with our friends, family, and Anais.


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