Lara & Brian’s Engagement Session

Oh my gosh! I can not wait for Lara and Brian’s wedding!

I had the best shoot with these two today…although it was quite warm (that’s understatement).

Brian and Lara found this location together, and Brian proposed here!!! 

Throughout the whole shoot, I noticed how much  you can feel the love between them…not just see it, but

really feel it. I’m so lucky to work with such wonderful clients. 

They were troopers! They were up for anything, thanks Lara for trekking up that mountain in heels!!!

and that wild wheat? with the sticky-poky things? ya, I got those stuck in, um, well let’s just say some 

really interesting places!

I was in pure photog heaven from the minute we got here to the minute we left…

Thank you Brian and Lara for a beautiful afternoon, amazing shoot and intoducing such a great location

to me! I am really looking forward to your wedding next month!

So many great shots, here are some of my favorites

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2 thoughts on “Lara & Brian’s Engagement Session

  1. Marianne says:

    Hey there,

    Loving these photos!

    Where were they taken??


  2. Julia Varga says:

    Hi Marianne!
    The couple found this location off the 118 near Moorpark. I can’t remember the road’s name, but it was just a random place near some farms and a few homes. Isn’t it great!!! I love the old ‘barn’ that’s there, it’s weatherd to perfection!!!
    Thanks for the nice comment!


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