Lara & Brian’s Amazing Backyard Wedding

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing Lara and Brian’s wedding. They had the wedding in the backyard of their new home. They have spent the past few months getting it ready, digging, planting, cultivating. And their efforts were well worth it. 

It was amazing! And we had great weather to boot; I was nervous on Saturday because it was 1000 degrees (well, ok, it wasn’t , but I don’t like HOT and in Camarillo it was 95 and to me, well it might as well be 1000). Sunday rolled around and it was perfect….a nice 85ish. Well, we glistened a bit (women don’t sweat, we glisten) but nothing we couldn’t handle, and it was nice to have the misters up and running. 

I had to post a few pictures from yesterday….


this is their flower girl, precious!



the Bread Basket in Camarillo provided the gorgeous cake




Congrats to Lara and Brian!!!

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4 thoughts on “Lara & Brian’s Amazing Backyard Wedding

  1. emelieselin says:

    this was some of the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen. You are good! very creative!


  2. Daniel says:

    Beautiful work! I hope I write as well as you take photos. That said, I like that tag line, “Because you can’t take a picture of yesterday.” How true.


  3. Julia Varga says:

    Thank you e and b and daniel!
    i appreciate the nice comments!!!
    check back for more, this was just the first edit!
    you guys are awesome


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