Dudley the Bulldog-Pet Portraits in Camarillo

I met this cute little bulldog in front of my house today. He and his daddy/owner were out for a bit of a walk and I just couldn’t resist saying hello.

Dudley is almost 12 weeks, and he has the best wrinkles and floppy ears ever!

He was fun to play with too, although he seemed to acquire the taste for camera lens. You’ll be surprised at the cool soft effect a little puppy slobber on the lens will give you!

Without further adieu, 







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3 thoughts on “Dudley the Bulldog-Pet Portraits in Camarillo

  1. crash8088 says:

    Dudley is AWESOME! What a ham. Great shots!


  2. Julia Varga says:

    thanks crash!
    nice comments are always much ‘preciated!


  3. The second to last shot is hilarious! It’s so priceless he looks like a grumpy old man, I love it!


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