My Best Friend’s Wedding

I have known Teresa since the 7th grade, and we won’t count exactly how many years that is, now will we? 

When she told me she and her man Bob were planning on tying the knot in Santa Cruz, I knew what a great time her wedding would be!

And no one was disappointed!

Here are some of my fav shots so far….



during cocktails, (and this was a first for me), Teresa and Bob asked everyone to pin a $1 bill to themselves and turn to their neighbor and play a rousing game of Rock Paper Scissors. It was one game, not 2 out of 3, but one shot, and whoever won, got the other’s dollar. Then they played everyone at the table, the winner of the table playing the other table winners, until only one remained standing with all the dollar bills. Whoever won, got to keep all the cash…not bad for a wedding huh? 


Lucky that Bob won!!!




and for their first dance, they had the best dance choreographed (which I’m sure Teresa had a hand in!)

it went from ‘traditional’ first dance song to Vanilla Ice in a matter of seconds!

they grooved to a whole bunch of songs and the dance was awesome!!!


ha! that made me laugh so hard!!!

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