My favorite loction ever {Portrait Photographer}

I found this park when I first started my business, I think I was just driving around scouting locations for shoots.

I came across this park and instantly fell in love. I didn’t find this particular section of the park until about a year later, it’s tucked away into a quiet little spot. Once I found this nook, I knew I was head-over-heels in love with the park.

One of my very first clients was this family, and just last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph them again; and they’re expecting another little one!

Congrats to the W family!!! Can’t wait to meet the newest addition!

Here’s Little S 2 years ago:


and here she is now:

Williams 54(09)

and her little sister Miss I


Williams 2157Cropped

and now:

Williams 47XP(09)

Oh how they’ve grown!!!

Williams 14(09)

Williams 22(09)

Williams 57(09)

Williams 55(09)

I really am luckiest person in the world! I love my job more than anything and I’m so grateful to my clients, I get to watch their families grow!

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One thought on “My favorite loction ever {Portrait Photographer}

  1. jen says:

    Hi, I just want to sasy Lovely pictures there. What park is this?


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