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Meet Jordan {Santa Monica Portrait Photographer}

Jordan is an amazing young woman! I met up with her at her home for her portrait session and while getting my gear ready for the shoot, we chatted about why she needed portraits.

She told me she is a motivational speaker, works with young girls teaching them to truly love themselves, and is writing her first book. She needs some portraits for her book cover and her blog. All at the ripe old age of 22.

I headed over to her blog, and after reading many of her posts, I was truly inspired. Jordan has some amazing insights for girls to love themselves, live their lives to the fullest and be the best they can possibly be.

Check out her blog for some motivation and inspiration, and in the mean time, meet Jordan:

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New website! {Los Angeles Photographer}

I have been working on my website for months now, and finally, I am happy to announce the new and improved look for Julia Varga Photography- The Art of Life.

Please take a look at the new site, let me know what you think! I love to get feedback!

awkwardness {Los Angeles Portrait Photographer}

Meet Doug. Hi Doug. That’s Mike behind him. Hi Mike.  Mike’s doing the peek-a-boo pose that many old school photographers loved oh-so much.

Mike and Doug are the masterminds behind a site that features so many awesome family photos their readers submit.

This site has always given me a good laugh, not only because my family has some photos that could definitely be in the top 10 of any list on there, but also because as a portrait photographer, there are so many professional photos that make me say out loud “What was that photographer thinking posing them like that???”

I follow the fabulous website on Facebook, and one day they posted a link to a show the website was featured on, Graham Norton. (He’s on BBC and just about the funniest host ever! Forget any of the American talk show hosts, Graham drinks wine with his guests and has the best one liners ever!!) I commented on the link telling them how fantastic it is they’ve gone global and how I use the site as a threat to my clients.

Many of you have heard me say it haven’t you? “If you guys don’t give me good expressions, I’m sending your portrait in to Awkward Family!”. It’s all in good fun, and I usually get great smiles and laughs, (and I have yet to actually send in anything, so that’s a good thing!).

Well, apparently that comment caught the attention of the great people over at AFP and the next day I received a message about shooting their book launch party. I do many types of event photography, and I was more than happy to do the gig. However, while speaking with Mike, he told me to forget anything and everything I’ve learned in photography school and wants me to intentionally pose people awkwardly and just have fun. Oh, I’m down with that!!!

Mike and Doug had a book signing and then headed over to a fabulous restaurant called Tart for the party. I was there, ready to go and start shooting some Awkward Photos.

You really need to check out their book, it’s hilarious! The captions with the photos are some of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, and even better yet, many of the photos have stories describing them by the people who are in the photos. It’s really well done and every comment is in good taste, nothing is mean-spirited. And yes, I asked, the people in the book did sign off on the photos being published!

Go check out the website, then go out and buy the book, get one for yourself then some for family members, and smile in knowing that your family is not the only one that is Awkward!

Here are some of my favorite awkward shots from the night

and the gang at Tart got into the spirit too!

Thanks guys for allowing me to be as Awkward as I wanna be! This was the best event by far that I have been apart of.

Congratulations on the book, and it debuting at #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Wishing you much success and looking forward to part 2!

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Apothecary Face and Body {Malibu Photographer}

If you are in need of a relaxing facial, body treatments or all around pampering, you should meet Jeannie over at Apothecary Face and Body in Malibu.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Jeannie and photograph her and her day spa for her website. She is so friendly and relaxed, I just wanted to melt into her hands. Jeannie has a fantastic and relaxing spa in Malibu, one of those places you don’t want to leave when you’re done.  Here is a link to her site:

Call her and schedule your appointment today; your face, body and spirit will thank you!

Apothecary 010


Apothecary 150.2


Apothecary 065


Apothecary 128sepia


Apothecary 106



Apothecary 139.2


Apothecary 004bw


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