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Are you crazy? It’s only August! {Holiday portrait photography}

It’s been waaay too long since I’ve posted anything!!! My apologies!

It’s been a fairly busy, and super hot summer here in the South Bay.

Now that August has arrived, it’s slowly time to start planning out my holiday season. I know, I know, you think

“You’re crazy! It’s only August!” well, yes and no one wants to rush through the late summer fun but planning

out my holiday specials and designing holiday cards takes time, effort and creativity!

In this past week already, I’ve booked multiple holiday sessions for late September and October. These clients

know how hectic the season can be, and the last thing that anyone wants to wait until the last minute to do, is send out holiday

cards! I have some clients who send out their cards the day after Thanksgiving. I know, just typing Thanksgiving seems like

it’s a million years away, but once the kiddos get back to school, and you get back into your regular routine, Halloween is

right there, ringing your doorbell greeting you with not only a big “Trick or Treat!!!” but also a ‘hey, we are way into fall here,

turkey day is around the corner, then BOOM! Holidays!!!’ Don’t get caught with your jaw dropped thinking,

“Wasn’t it just August a minute ago? WHY DIDN’T I PLAN AHEAD????!!!”

If you’re thinking this is the year, this is the year you’re going to be ahead of the game, you’re going to cruise right

on through this holiday season, stress free, smiling while you’re tree is trimmed, gifts are wrapped holding your

super awesome wintery Pintrest inspired drink in your hands, while your kids are baking those fabulous

cookies you pinned to your Pintrest WIN board, then you should contact me ASAP. Let’s get at least

one thing crossed off that crazy mental list you have going in your head.

But just in case you don’t plan ahead, I’m here for you. I’ll be here to photograph your kiddos, families, pets and anyone else,

and make sure you get your holiday gifts and cards on time.

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Beautiful little baby {Camarillo Newborn Photography}

Oh, how I love to photograph the littlest, bittiest newborn babies!

Not all little ones will sleep through their photo sessions, I’ve found that lots of babies have a ‘fear of missing out’, little do they know, it’s all about them.

I love this sweet little baby girl, with her precious princess crown, her little fingers and toes, and her most amazing big brother and sister.

Welcome little one, can’t wait to watch you grow!

Sweet and beautiful big sister







momma always has the soothing touch…


Love love love this headpiece!






Handsome big brother



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Family Portraits at the Venice Canals {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

Met up with Jennifer, Jeff and little Caitlin on a beautiful overcast Saturday morning at the Venice Canals for our shoot. These canals are truly a beautiful sight! The gardens, the boats, the bridges are all such a great change of scenery from the traditional beach and parks that I normally shoot. We had the canals to ourselves, and Miss Caitlin had a blast running down the path, throwing rocks and looking for ducks.

Thanks Y family! Can’t wait to do it again!

Yang-1 Yang-14

My tribute to my friends over at AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com

Yang-34 Yang-55 Yang-64 Yang-71 Yang-78

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