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Kristin & Sara Get Married {Los Angeles Wedding Photographer}

I met Kristin and Sara at a coffee shop for a wedding consult, and I instantly felt their love for each other.

They were so excited to plan their wedding, and I just knew I wanted to be part of such a momentous occasion.

Only in the past few years have same-sex couples in California been legally able to solidify their relationship by getting married.

Kristin and Sara are a beautiful testament to what true love is….

They got married in my hometown of La Canada, CA, at the Thursday Club. A beautiful venue that lent itself perfectly to such a perfect wedding.

And thanks to wonderful Rachel, who allowed us in to Descanso Gardens for the most amazing wedding portraits ever.

Descanso Gardens has such a special place in my heart, I grew up going there almost every Sunday as a child. It was blossomed (ha! no pun intended!) into the most beautiful place I’ve seen in years.

Thank you Kristin and Sara, for allowing me to be a part of, and to capture such an important milestone in your lives!

I am truly honored!

K_S 548

K_S 005

K_S 007

K_S 028

K_S 078

K_S 097

K_S 107

K_S 121

K_S 137

K_S 145

K_S 154

K_S 292

K_S 309

K_S 313

K_S 319

K_S 460

K_S 473

K_S 480

K_S 487

K_S 497

K_S 540

K_S 542

K_S 659

K_S 725

K_S 818

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Awkwardness Round 2 {Los Angeles Event Photographer}

I had another fabulously awkward time shooting the Awkward Family Pet Photos book signing event! Mike and Doug launched their second book (in a an awkward serious I hope *wink wink*!) at the OK Store in Los Angeles.

We had a great time meeting everyone and their pets!

These pups and kitties were such great sports for letting us be as awkward as we wanna be….

(although, I’m pretty sure the treats helped!)

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Krystal’s Big Hat Bridal Shower {Los Angeles event photographer}

I’m shooting Krystal’s wedding next month, and I can’t wait!

I had the opportunity to meet her friends and family at her bridal shower, which was dubbed Big Hat Bridal Shower. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, until I got there. I was expecting big crazy hats, but instead they were wearing the most beautiful Royal Wedding inspired hats I’ve ever seen!

Here are some pages from her album, check out the hats!

It was so great to meet everyone, and love the hats!

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