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1st Birthday Cake Smash! {Manhattan Beach Photographer}

I love watching a little one navigate their way through their first cake. They’re not quite sure what to do at first, why everyone’s starting at them, why they’re allowed to make a giant mess, and oh-my-goodness, what is that delicious sweet heavenly taste?!?!

Sometimes some kids take some time getting into cake, some dive right in. Some get all their limbs involved, hair too, and sometimes some kids just have no interest….and I love every.single.minute.

If you’re thinking about having a cake smash for your kiddo, I highly recommend it! If you don’t want to get a whole cake, some places (like my favorite Torrance Bakery) will create a mini cake, or just head out to the market and get a giant cupcake…it’s going to get destroyed anyway!

Brandon had an absolute blast with his cake in the park, he dove right in without any hesitation!



Max had an amazing Farmer’s Market themed first birthday party and was a bit apprehensive at first, but then demolished his cake!








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Kai’s Dol-Korean 1st Birthday {Los Angeles Children’s Photographer}

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph my first Dol for Kai! I have never been to a Korean first birthday party, so I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was steeped in rich tradition, so I did some research beforehand, and Mike and Suchin did not disappoint!

Mike and Suchin requested a brightly colored background, and I found this beautiful plain background in Marmalade! Love it!

The table was set with brightly colored goodies, flowers and gifts for little Kai.

First he had to change into his hanbok.

Bender 013
Bender 018

Then he sat on the table with the goodies for his photo op

Bender 043 Bendercomp

From there, Mom and Dad picked out objects that Kai was to choose from, determining his future.

Tradition says the little one is to choose their own objects with no coaxing from their parents, but Suchin definitely had her hopes set on the stethoscope  (for a successful career) and the coins (for wealth and generosity)!

Bender 075 Bender 080

Kai chose wisely! The stethoscope and coins it was!

Momma is very happy!

Bender 204 Bender 200

Once the festivities were over, we headed outside for a few portraits.

Kai was a true sport and wore his birthday hat the whole time (although, I do suspect he forgot all about it!)

Bender 146 Bender 158

Thanks Kai, Mike and Suchin for allowing me to share in such a great tradition!

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Jeriah turns 1!!!

I warn you, this little guy is a cutie!

Many faces of Jeriah

Jeriah turned 1 this past weekend, and I had the pleasure

of photographing him during his first birthday party!


Jeriah triptych


Happy Birthday to Jeriah!




Fowler Family

Jeriah’s momma is expecting again!


Julianna tummy

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