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Oh Summer {Manhattan Beach photographer}

I am the worst at keeping up with the blog!

Here we are, already in August, how quickly that happens!!! I hope you’re enjoying your summer, the long hot days, and the wonderfully warm nights too. I hope you’ve had amazing adventures with your family and friends, I know I’ve had some amazing times with new friends in the wilderness, and enjoying time exploring locally. I even had the opportunity to foster an energetic kitten for a little bit while he recovered and learned how cushy life can be indoors.

I know we’re only in early August here, but I know some of kiddos are getting ready to go back to school, parents are rejoicing, and the routines of ‘regular’ life will soon be back.

For me in photography, this is the time I start to look forward to the holiday season (and every year it never ceases to blow my mind! I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and every year, it’s “the holidays are only 4 months away! WHAAAAT?!?).  I am beginning to think about locations for photo sessions, and I began thinking about some of my favorite locations around the South Bay.

I have lived in the South Bay of Los Angeles for over 4 years, and I fall in love with the Manhattan Beach pier with every shoot .

The pier itself lends for pretty architectural lines both underneath as well as while serving as a backdrop. Under the pier at sunset has some of the best lighting around, especially when the sun sets right through the opening….the reflections at low tide make for amazing details, and even in winter, the water lapping at your toes is incredibly refreshing!

I’m sharing some of my favorite images from previous photo sessions at the Manhattan Beach pier. If you live anywhere near, it’s pretty much a requirement to have your portraits taken there!

Manhattan Beach pier pink sunset little boy at water's edgeManhattan Beach pier photo session under the pier twin boys stand looking at ocean black and whiteManhattan Beach pier holiday photo session under pier family with twin boys decorate two mini Christmas treesManhattan Beach family photo session at the pier family walking towards ocean during sunsetManhattan Beach pier photo session father walks little girl towards ocean under pier

Manhattan Beach photography couple under pier during a windy sunset

Manhattan Beach photography session couple under pier kissing during sunset

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awkwardness {Los Angeles Portrait Photographer}

Meet Doug. Hi Doug. That’s Mike behind him. Hi Mike.  Mike’s doing the peek-a-boo pose that many old school photographers loved oh-so much.

Mike and Doug are the masterminds behind AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com a site that features so many awesome family photos their readers submit.

This site has always given me a good laugh, not only because my family has some photos that could definitely be in the top 10 of any list on there, but also because as a portrait photographer, there are so many professional photos that make me say out loud “What was that photographer thinking posing them like that???”

I follow the fabulous website on Facebook, and one day they posted a link to a show the website was featured on, Graham Norton. (He’s on BBC and just about the funniest host ever! Forget any of the American talk show hosts, Graham drinks wine with his guests and has the best one liners ever!!) I commented on the link telling them how fantastic it is they’ve gone global and how I use the site as a threat to my clients.

Many of you have heard me say it haven’t you? “If you guys don’t give me good expressions, I’m sending your portrait in to Awkward Family Photos.com!”. It’s all in good fun, and I usually get great smiles and laughs, (and I have yet to actually send in anything, so that’s a good thing!).

Well, apparently that comment caught the attention of the great people over at AFP and the next day I received a message about shooting their book launch party. I do many types of event photography, and I was more than happy to do the gig. However, while speaking with Mike, he told me to forget anything and everything I’ve learned in photography school and wants me to intentionally pose people awkwardly and just have fun. Oh, I’m down with that!!!

Mike and Doug had a book signing and then headed over to a fabulous restaurant called Tart for the party. I was there, ready to go and start shooting some Awkward Photos.

You really need to check out their book, it’s hilarious! The captions with the photos are some of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, and even better yet, many of the photos have stories describing them by the people who are in the photos. It’s really well done and every comment is in good taste, nothing is mean-spirited. And yes, I asked, the people in the book did sign off on the photos being published!

Go check out the website, then go out and buy the book, get one for yourself then some for family members, and smile in knowing that your family is not the only one that is Awkward!

Here are some of my favorite awkward shots from the night

and the gang at Tart got into the spirit too!

Thanks guys for allowing me to be as Awkward as I wanna be! This was the best event by far that I have been apart of.

Congratulations on the book, and it debuting at #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Wishing you much success and looking forward to part 2!

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