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Well, hello there! It’s been too long

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve posted anything. Poor blog, neglected, left dormant for Instagram (@juliavargaphoto)….but I’m back! I’m back to share with you some love!

It’s been a wonderfully busy year filled with lots of families, babies, toddlers, weddings and even commercial work! I thank the universe daily, and my lucky stars that I am so fortunate to do what I absolutely love. Does that sound cliche? It shouldn’t, and if it does, I don’t care. It’s true.

Any work day that ends with me getting my toes in the sand and taking a knee high dip in the ocean, is a pretty awesome day at work.

Since being in the South Bay now for a few years, I’ve had many sessions at the Manhattan Beach pier, and each time I think it’s wonderful. I think it’s pretty much an obligatory photo session for families that live in the South Bay, or even if you’re not here, come down anyway; it’s magical at sunset…especially in the winter. Yes, it may be crowded at times. Last year during the holiday photo season, I counted 13 photographers at the pier, with 13 families all taking their holiday portraits. While you may not think that it’s so unique at that point, it is. Each photographer has their own style, their own way of capturing images. And honestly, I love being surrounded by such creative professionals who manage to create amazing images when we’re all elbow to elbow working. It’s actually pretty amazing to watch too, the dance the professionals do to make sure they are engaging their clients (especially the kiddos) while making sure their exposures are correct, composing an aesthetically pleasing image, making sure their backgrounds are uncluttered, and not being in another photographer’s shot. It’s wonderfully chaotic magic!

And here’s evidence to what a great afternoon can be like at the Manhattan Beach pier.


Family portraits at the Manhattan Beach Pier


Children’s portraits at the Manhattan Beach Pier


Kid’s portraits at the beach


Holding her hand 


A beautiful winter sunset at the beach in Manhattan Beach


Family portraits at sunset at the Manhattan Beach pier

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Family Portraits in Palos Verdes {Redondo Beach Family Photographer}

Shortly after moving to Redondo Beach, I introduced myself to the Palos Verdes MOMs Club. The B family was my last mini session of the day, and we had some fun running around the Malaga Cove Library, playing chase and listening to the (obnoxious) calls of the wild peacocks just a few feet away…

What a beautiful afternoon in Palos Verdes!

Bell 14 Bell 12 Bell 23 Bell 19 Bell 75 BellComp

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Bella Elysee {Manhattan Beach Photographer}

I met up with Bella in Manhattan for our shoot on a beautiful

SoCal afternoon. We took to the streets of Manhattan Beach and had a great time shooting!

Bella is a beautiful and multi-talented young lady! She can sings, dances, kicks butt in karate and

had me laughing the whole shoot! Our afternoon was a success in updating her headshots for her modeling portfolio.

Thanks Bella, I hope to see you up on the silver screen and in the glossy pages of my magazines soon!

Bella 014

Bella 018

Bella 021

Bella 025

Bella 037c

Bella 045

Bella 053

Bella 078

Bella 097

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Love to see them grow! {Santa Monica Family Portrait Photography}

I met this family years ago when I first started my business. I had seen them a few times along the way, for a variety of shoots (dad is an amazing chef and I photographed his food for menus. mmmmm), but unfortunately a couple of years got in the way and I didn’t get to see them as often as I liked.

I got a phone call from Mae, she had a little addition to the family and it was time to update their family portraits!

I was so excited to see how big Braeden had grown, and couldn’t wait to meet little Mateo.

And just as I remember, we had a great time during the shoot!

cutie pies! Can’t wait to photograph them again over Thanksgiving with the extended family! And Nic, do you need any more food photography?!? I’d love to help (as my tummy growls)!

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