Julia Varga Photography-The Art of Life

is available for weddings. Whether it’s a backyard wedding, beach wedding or destination wedding,

I will capture your day with beautiful, fun, and energetic portraits.

Once the food is eaten, the flowers have wilted, the gifts opened and the dress preserved,

all you have left are your wedding day portraits,

and you can’t take a picture of yesterday…

Please contact me for pricing information

send a message through the blog, or email to

Please take a moment to take a look at more wedding images on the website

(under Galleries, and Wedded Bliss)

Congratulations and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristin & Sara

Location: Thursday Club, La Canada, CA

K_S 548

K_S 005

K_S 007

K_S 028

K_S 078

K_S 097

K_S 107

K_S 121

K_S 137

K_S 145

K_S 154

K_S 292

K_S 309

K_S 313

K_S 319

K_S 460

K_S 473

K_S 480

K_S 487

K_S 497

K_S 540

K_S 542

K_S 659

K_S 725

K_S 818

Frank & Cecilia

Location: St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, Backyard Reception

F_C 052

F_C 057

F_C 250

F_C 430

F_C 442

F_C 448

F_C 455

F_C 487F_C 472

F_C 483

F_C 490

F_C 549

F_C 569

F_C 663

Rusana & Denys

Elopement Photography

Portrait Location: Shutters at the Beach, Santa Monica, CA

Rusana 31

Rusana 46

Jackie & Mike

Location: Santa Barbara Courthouse



Brian & Claudia


Portrait Location: Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

Aby comp

Aby 090

Aby 083

Aby 078


© Aby 050lomo

Aby 140

Aby 165


Johanna and Sebastian (from Germany)

Intimate Beach Wedding

Location: El Pescador State Beach, Malibu, CA

Portrait Location: Beach house, Malibu, CA

Buchberger 112

Buchberger 064

Buchberger 097

Buchberger 153

Buchberger 188

Buchberger 077

Buchberger 071

Buchberger 270

Buchberger 295

Buchberger 256

Buchberger 323



Caitlin & Luis

Intimate Beach Wedding

Location: Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu, CA

Lexie & Jeremy

Backyard Wedding at the family home, Simi Valley, CA

Wright_Haynes 011

Wright_Haynes 150

Wright_Haynes 001

Wright_Haynes 017lomo

Wright_Haynes 081

Wright_Haynes 163

Wright_Haynes 033

Wright_Haynes 453

Wright_Haynes 343

Wright_Haynes 316

Wright_Haynes 410

Wright_Haynes 626

Wright_Haynes 674

Teresa & Bob

Location: At “their tree”, Santa Cruz, CA

Teresa_Bob 190

Teresa_Bob 257

Teresa_Bob 300

Teresa_Bob 301

Teresa_Bob 475

Teresa_Bob 306

Lara & Brian

Backyard Wedding at Couple’s home, Camarillo, CA

Monika & Umbi

Destination Wedding

Location: Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary

The Chamberlins

Location: Mormon Temple, La Jolla, CA

Portrait Location: La Jolla beach, San Diego, CA

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  1. gloria says:

    Hello Julia! awesome work! I found you by mistake… I am glad I did!



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